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Cuba Diving Holidays - Top Five Sites

Diving in Cuba is one of the biggest draws to the island, and hundreds of scuba enthusiasts travel with us every year to see the best coral reefs and the most exotic fish! It's no wonder, with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees and an average visibility of 98 feet, Cuba is amongst the best diving hotspots in the world. Additionally, the lack of strong currents and variety available makes the island the perfect training environment for Cuban diver virgins. But where's the best place to dive on the island? Here's our top 5 Cuban diving sites...

Cayo Largo

In the south of the island, Cayo Largo is the obvious choice for diving in Cuba. With virtually untouched beaches and coral reefs, this is a great place to feel isolated from the world at large. It's also a great place for beginners, thanks to the huge nearby coral reef, there are no strong currents. If all of this sounds perfect, except for the location, you'll be pleased to hear that although this is 177km from Havana, there are local domestic flights between the two, meaning you can be there within an hour!

Maria la Gorda

To the west of the island, Maria la Gorda is a stunning dive spot right in the heart of nature - it's one of the least developed areas of the island. Within the Guanahacabibes Peninsula is the dive site itself - a world biosphere reserve with two dive zones. When you get beneath the surface, you can see black coral walls, 18th century shipwrecks and plenty of flora and fauna. For more experienced divers, there are caves and caverns to explore and night trips for the thrill seekers. At four hours from Havana, serious Cuban divers need only apply - but the trip is most definitely worth it!

Cayo Levisa

If you want something a little closer to Havana, Cayo Levisa is a great choice. An hour outside the capital on the north west of the island, this Cuban dive site is home to sponges, black coral and some of the larger tropical fish. Alongside these are some of the more memorable shipwrecks of the 17th and 18th century. If diving is the whole purpose of your trip, then you may want to stay at the Hotel Cayo Levisa which allows Cuba's divers to stay in its 40 rooms for the duration of their visit.

Playa Giron

Playa Giron can be found near the Bay of Pigs, and is renowned for its shelf diving, as well as the trips to local caves in the region. The area has sheer drop offs near the shore which make for some great swim-throughs. Over four hours away from Havana, this is one for the determined, but its well worth the trip - indeed, dedicated divers may wish to stay at the Hotel Playa Giron. Cuban divers love this one - in 1994 a new ship was deliberately sunk to give the diving population more to see!

Faro Luna

If you want to take underwater photography, you simply cannot beat Faro Luna. Why? It has some of the cleanest water in Cuba, and a good variety of sea life and environments with a variety of ship wrecks and stunning coral reefs in its 28 dive sites. The coral formation barriers are so high that you can actually see them on the surface. This really is our pick of Cuba's dive locations!

With warm water, superb visibility and a huge range of tropical fish, Cuba's dive sites are the best in the world - call us today on 01438 310099, and see for yourself!

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