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Camaguey Highlights

Cuba’s third largest city Camaguey is located in central Cuba, and offers an interesting overnight stay for any visitor travelling across the island.

In the centre there is a stunning colonial plaza called Plaza San Juan de Dios, which is cobblestoned and surrounded by brightly painted traditional buildings. The heart of Camaguey is a labyrinth of narrow winding streets that were created this way in order to confuse pirates! A city where you can find many European-style Cathedral’s, with one of the most interesting being Nuestra Senora de la Merced, which has extensive catacombs that include a solid silver coffin.

Camaguey is also famous for the local production of large clay pots called tinajones that are used for collecting rainwater. Legend says that if you drink from one of the clay pots, you will fall in love with the city and one-day return.

There is an active cultural scene and Camaguey is home to a highly respected ballet company. Evenings can be spent enjoying a growing range of live music venues, private restaurants, cafés and bars and weekends especially can be lively with locals wandering through the cobbled streets, chatting, laughing and enjoying the music.

Surrounding the city lies a vast area of open plains, pasture land and cattle ranches, typical landscapes for the heart of Cuba, and nearby are some excellent opportunities to enjoy birdwatching at a local ranch.

Camaguey Location

Accommodation in Camaguey

Below is a selection of some of the hotels and boutique casas that we can book. Talk to us for our favourites and personal recommendations.

Camino de Hierro, Camaguey

Our Rating: ★★

Hotel Gran, Camaguey

Our Rating: ★★

Things to do in Camaguey

Camaguey Ballet

The dancers of this world-renowned ballet company who perform at Teatro Principal have performed in over 40 countries. An unmissable event when staying in this charming city.

Casino Campestre Park

Cuba’s largest urban park which features shaded benches, a baseball stadium, and concert. An ideal place to relax after a busy morning of sightseeing.

Martha Jiménez’s Studio

A real symbol of the city, Martha Jiménez has managed to perfectly portray the traditions and legends of historic Camaguey in her work. Entering her studio is like venturing into a magical world.

Sundown from the Gran
Hotel Terrace

Its prime location in the very heart of traditional Camaguey makes the Gran Hotel’s rooftop an ideal spot for taking in the city. Relax on the terrace and admire the views whilst sampling Cuban cocktails.

Casanova’s Clay

The Casanova pottery workshop keeps the local clay tradition alive. Travellers can visit the workshop and make their own tinajón while talking to the Casanova family about the tradition and importance of clay in Camaguey.

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