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Remedios Highlights

Remedios is a small tranquil and very historic town that was founded by the Spanish in 1578, and is reputed to be one of Cuba’s oldest settlements.

Located an hour’s drive north from Santa Clara on the main road to the beaches of Cayo Santa Maria, Remedios receives a small trickle of international visitors, and is a great place to spend time in an authentic and sleepy colonial Cuban town.

Every December the town has a huge firework festival, possibly the Caribbean\’s largest and oldest traditional festivity, and one of the most popular events in Cuba symbolising efforts made by priests for the local population to attend church. This has manifested itself into todays’ unique celebration that takes place between the 16th to the 26th of December every year and culminates in the events of the 24th December.

On Christmas Eve a fierce competition between two neighbourhoods of Remedios takes place, who show off their creativeness and efforts made during the entire year to participate in the competition. Fireworks, fire crackers, flags, music, dance and a parade of floats characterise the evening as well as many simple food stalls, and drinks. For visitors that cannot be there for the festival, the small Museum of Parrandas exhibits photos, documents and hand-made objects linked to the festivities.

With a handful of picturesque boutique style hotels and an abundance of welcoming Casas Particulares there is certainly enough to see and enjoy in Remedios for an overnight stay.

Remedios Location

Accommodation in Remedios

Below is a selection of some of the hotels that we can book. Talk to us for our favourites and personal recommendations.

Hotel Mascotte, Remedios

Our Rating: ★★

Hotel E Barcelona, Remedios

Our Rating: ★★

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