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Vinales Valley

Vinales Valley Highlights

Vinales Valley is arguably one of Cuba’s most beautiful regions and this spectacular area has been preserved by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Vinales is also home to the tobacco plantations that produce Cuba’s world-famous cigars and unique limestone mountain outcrops that rise almost vertically out of the valley floor, known locally as ‘Mogotes’.

A rich and fertile area with tobacco and coffee plantations, beautiful rivers, natural springs and unique landscapes, Vinales offers a wonderful introduction to rural life in Cuba and provides a peaceful contrast to the hustle and bustle of Havana and other colonial cities.

There is also little or nothing in the way of highly developed tourism and the towns and villages which dot the undulating landscape appear to be in something of a charming time warp. The local country folk are devoted largely to the production of tobacco and the leaves rolled here account for the very best cigars that Cuba produces.

An area of peacefulness and tranquillity with country life taking place all around, a few nights here are a must. For the more active, enjoy sunrise or sunset cycling trails, horse-riding through the valley, including the chance to climb a Mogote. There are also some fascinating limestone cave systems which can be explored with the Santo Tomas system being the largest in the Americas. Close by to Vinales are a number of almost deserted beautiful beach areas that can be visited for the day, where the sea is so very clear and welcoming.

Vinales Valley Location

Accommodation in Vinales Valley

Below is a selection of some of the hotels and boutique casas that we can book. Talk to us for our favourites and personal recommendations.

Hotel Nature Central, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Hotel La Ermita, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★


Hotel Nature Los Jazmines, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Casa Jorge y Ana Luisa, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Vista al Valle, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Casa Papo y Niulvys, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Cubao Campina, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Villa Cristal, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★


Casa Pechano y Yamile, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Leyanis y Jesus, Vinales

Our Rating: ★★★

Pre-booked Vinales Valley Experiences

We can organise before you travel to Cuba, a wide range of fantastic experiences that can be completely tailored for you.
Take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable pre-booking service and save time making arrangements during your holiday.

Sunrise Trek to the Los Aquaticos Community

For those who like early exercise and enjoy a sunrise, this guided exhilarating walk takes you to a most amazing viewpoint to watch and photograph the sunrise over the Mogotes and Vinales Valley.

Sunset Walk Through Silencio Valley

Timed to watch the sunset at the end of the walk and enjoy a prebooked organic dinner at the highly regarded Finca Paraiso farmhouse restaurant, our sunset walk is a popular way to enjoy the end of the day.

The Three Valleys Walk

This six-mile guided walk visits three different valleys, two of them remote and rarely visited by tourists who come to enjoy this spectacular area of Cuba.

The Infierno Mogote Trek

Discover the amazing beauty of Viñales during this hike that takes you along the valley floor and then through tropical woodland as you start to climb up towards the top of a limestone mogote hill.

Off Road Mountain Biking Through Vinales Valley

For those that enjoy road cycling/mountain biking, our guided tour takes you on a large circular route throughout Vinales Valley.

Horse Riding Though the Mogotes

Horse Riding Though the Mogotes

This guided 4-hour morning ride is suitable for those who enjoy horse-riding at home and have some experience.

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vinales Valley - Private Tour

A classic introduction with a few unique and exclusive extras. The tour takes in the world-famous tobacco plantations and more.

The Islands of Cayo Jutias & Cayo Megano

A unique visit to the beautiful island key of Cayo Jutias with the chance to continue by boat to the remote and gorgeous Cayo Megano for a double helping of stunning natural tropical beaches.

Road Cycling Tour through Vinales Valley

Road Cycling Tour through Vinales Valley

Enjoy a leisurely cycle ride through Vinales Valley, a unique way to discover this UNESCO preserved World Heritage site.

Cuba’s World-Famous Tobacco Tour

A specialist tour for those with a keen interest in cigars or wish to see behind the scenes on how one of the world’s most luxury products is produced.

Sunrise Horse Ride in Silencio Valley

This is a wonderfully peaceful experience as you slowly ride through the beautiful Silencio Valley as the day emerges and the sun comes up over the tobacco and coffee plantations.

Leisurely Walking Tour in Vinales Valley

This highly enjoyable and easy walk takes you on a 3.5-mile route winding through the valley, fully guided by a local.

Santo Tomas Caves & the Great Cavern

Visit Cuba’s largest limestone cave system and the second largest on the American continent, approximately 25 km from Vinales village. A fascinating journey into a subterranean world.

Pre-Booked Private Havana Restaurants

Formerly known as ‘paladars’, Cuba’s privately owned restaurants, are highly recommended and undoubtedly offer the best food. These sought after eateries range from hip to elegant, offer varying cuisines, creative menus, have passionate owners, and are great for foodies. If you’re not in the know, eating out at mediocre restaurants in Cuba is easy to do. They get booked up well in advance, so we recommend our restaurant pre-booking service before travel. Talk to our team for reservations at our favourite recommendations.

Finca Agroecologica el Paraiso

Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso

This very popular organic farm restaurant is a few minutes’ drive or an exhilarating walk up from Vinales village and overlooks the breath-taking landscapes of Vinales Valley, an amazing spot surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills. The farm is a haven for those who enjoy a real farm to table experience with unique dishes and tastes.

El Cuajani

El Cuajani is a hidden gem nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Cuba and shaded by one of Vinales’ famous ‘mogotes’.  The eatery specialises in traditional ‘farm to table’ Cuban cuisine, showcasing the rich flavours and vibrant ingredients of the valley.

Sunset Restaurant

A charming finca style, relaxed dining experience that captures the essence of Cuban cuisine. A pleasant stroll from the centre of Vinales Valley along a country track, the Sunset Restaurant overlooks a mogote where you can watch the sun go down in this tranquil spot. The restaurant offers a delightful blend of traditional Cuban cuisine plus local specialities.



Jardin Del Arte Sano

Centrally located in the village this bar-restaurant and live music venue caters for a livelier crowd, offering a choice of light meals, tapas style dishes and snacks whilst listening to local musicians.


Cubar restaurant is located on the main street in Vinales town and is a vibrant Cuban bar and restaurant that celebrates the fusion of Cuban and international cuisine. It can be a lively venue with both locals and visitors enjoying a range of drinks and cocktails, and a menu ranging from pizzas and burgers through to lamb stews and lobster dishes.


A range of tapas and light bites are available as well as some firm favourites including roasted lamb, local paella, grilled meats, and seafood dishes with meals prepared with precision and care.

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