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Bayamo Highlights

Antiquated yet dignified, Bayamo, the former capital of Cuba and now the provincial city of Granma Province, embraces the tailormade traveller with its quiescent charms.

Historically, it was notably an insurgent stronghold in the Ten Years’ War, from 1868-1878; the desperate conflict nearly destroyed the city. Bayamo is unruffled by its conflict-ridden past; this now sedate city’s serenity will charm even the most frenzied traveller.

The Plaza de la Revolucion, amidst leafy walkways, is seemingly tranquil, the serenity is only broken by imposing bronze statue of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the First War of Independence’s champion and an impressive marble memorial of Perucho Figueredo, featuring the lyrics of the Cuban national anthem, which he authored.

Spot the various plazas and monuments and the cathedral; uncover their historical significances. Photograph a variety of significant Cuban figures in the Museo de Cera, waxwork though they may be, they will wow your audiences when you display your photographed journey.

Visit Bayamo and appreciate its elegance and relaxed charm whilst uncovering historically significant features.

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