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The Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs Highlights

The area more popularly known as the Bay of Pigs is made up of two small beach areas called Playa Larga and Playa Giron. Globally famous as the landing point for the failed US backed invasion of Cuba in 1961, which was repelled after some fierce fighting by the revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

For those interested in the history of Cuba, there are plenty of monuments to those who defended the island\’s shores, as well as a small museum that houses many artefacts from the short period of fighting.

Playa Larga which is a 20-minute drive through the mangroves from Playa Giron, sits on the gateway of the Zapata National Reserve, a very important eco-area in Cuba which is mainly mangroves and swamps.

With a choice of eco-trails to explore, bird watching, and the spectacularly beautiful Las Salinas protected reserve, an area of countless migratory birds, it is a fantastic area for dedicated wildlife enthusiasts.

The beaches in this area are undeveloped but picturesque, and are lovely for a day of exploration. There are also some very good snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities that can be pre-booked.

The two villages at Playa Giron and Larga both offer a real insight into Cuban life and are not developed for international tourism, which for many is quite an attraction. Worthy of an overnight stay on a tailormade holiday in one of many simple and hospitable boutique cases, some of which overlook the beach.

The Bay of Pigs

in The Bay of Pigs

Below is a selection of some of the boutique casas that we can book. Talk to us for our favourites and personal recommendations.

Nueva Vida, Playa Larga

Our Rating: ★★★

Casa Yvette y Ronel, Playa Girón

Our Rating: ★★★

Hostal Roberto (La Islita), Playa Larga

Our Rating: ★★★

Ernesto Delgado Chirino, Playa Larga

Our Rating: ★★★

Casa Costa Azul, Playa Larga

Our Rating: ★★★

The Bay of Pigs
Pre-Booked Experiences

We can organise before you travel to Cuba, a wide range of fantastic experiences that can be completely tailored for you. Take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable pre-booking service and save time making arrangements during your holiday.

Zapata National Reserve Trail

The Zapata National Reserve is partly mangrove/swamp and wetlands, with lots of different species of birds. Wildlife enthusiasts will love this guided trail through a protected area to discover the local flora and fauna.

Snorkelling in the Bay of Pigs

Reputed by many as the best snorkelling in Cuba, The Bay of Pigs carries an excellent reputation for exploring underwater.


A historic location, amazingly clear waters, and an abundance of fish and marine life with some nearby casas particulares dedicated to diving.

The Annual Crab Migration

April (but up until June) is famously known for crab migration when the crabs make the journey from forest to sea to release their eggs. Masses of crabs head to the sea and back, leaving the whole area a mass of orange and red.

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