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Las Terrazas

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Moka, Las Terrazas

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This eco-hotel is very special to us, and a firm favourite of our clients for a one or two-night stay. We especially love the range of walks and hikes available.

Main Highlights

  • Natural setting and intimate lodge style hotel
  • Wide choice of pre-bookable outdoor and nature activities
  • Different choices of accommodation style
  • Good choice of unique restaurants in the Reserve
  • Small outdoor pool

The intimate Moka Hotel is located in the Las Terrazas Reserve, and has a commanding position on a hill overlooking the local village in the heart of the reserve.

The hotel design is a modern twist on Spanish colonial architecture and features a unique open lobby built around a large lime tree that disappears magically through the lobby skylight.

This two-story hotel has magnificent red-barked trees growing through the balconies and ceiling and is built in keeping with the natural virgin forest that surrounds the hotel. Literally on the doorstep lies a natural habitat with one of the greatest concentrations of endemic wildlife and vegetation on the whole island, including the tocororo, Cuba’s national bird and the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world.

Guests staying at the Moka Hotel can enjoy a small bar and coffee shop that opens out to the forest, and offers panoramic views across the reserve and down to the local village. There is also a little restaurant where breakfast is served, and dinner can be taken, which also has an open terrace area. Additionally, there is a small swimming pool and café-bar next to the pool that opens in the daytime. Throughout the hotel area there are quiet and peaceful seating areas which are great to relax in with a book whilst listening to the birdsong.

The hotel also offers the chance to stay in comfortable rooms in the local community houses which many really enjoy. Restful rooms were created in a number of the houses of local residents to accommodate international guests. Guests have a completely separate good standard bedroom and full bathroom with furniture and decorations produced locally, also with works by local artists allowing the chance to integrate with the typical Cuban family life.

Finally, the hotel also has a number of very basic wooden cabins on stilts on the banks of the San Juan river which are perfect for a ‘camping’ experience. They come with a mattress, are fully enclosed and have toilet and refreshment facilities very close to the cabins. These work well for the adventurous traveller who is keen to experience a night or two ‘camping’ Cuban style.