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Authentic, hand-picked activities organised by local experts.

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Experience more, have fun, learn more, and discover the real Cuba with excursions, activities, and day trips that match your interests.

Hand-Picked Excursions

Carefully selected portfolio of excursions we've experienced ourselves.

Organised by Local Experts

We recommend excursions our London team have selected and tested. If we haven’t done it and thoroughly enjoyed it, it is not here.

Tailored Around You

Customise our excursions around your taste or build something bespoke

Create something bespoke

Our excursions can be tailored to your taste or we can create something bespoke if you have a special interest

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Cuba Excursions. Captivating Cuba Tour Guide

Amazing flexibility to tailor your adventure, or build something bespoke

To find out more about our Cuba excursions or to pre-book, please call us on 01438 419111 or send us an email

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Excursion all over Cuba. The Captivating way

We offer a wide range of excursions that can be pre-booked before travel allowing you to plan your holiday without the hassle of arranging your itinerary after arrival. With bureaucracy, paperwork and difficulties with communication in Cuba this can be time consuming during your holiday.  Our excursions can be tailored to your taste or we can create something bespoke if you have a special interest, so please ask if you would like something different to what is offered.  The more diverse the interest, the more we like the challenge!

With Cuba so busy, we recommend first confirming your flights and accommodation, and then adding on excursions afterwards.  To enable us to book the best tours and guides, and allow sufficient time for confirmation, payment, and dispatch of documents, please pre-book any excursions at least 2 weeks before you travel (preferably 3-4 weeks before travel or earlier). We are happy to pass on requested times requests in the case of private excursions, and will try our best to accommodate you. All final timings will be confirmed locally after you arrive in Cuba.

Get your friends involved in crafting a truly unique experience

The Cuba Excursions Shortlist

In a hurry? Here’s our shortlist of highly recommended excursions most of our clients would call the highlight of their trip

Take a closer look at your favourite excursion or give us a call on 01438 419111  or email us to pre-book, ask questions, or discuss your interests so we can tailor excursions around your taste.

Pre-Order Today. Call us on 01438 419111

Can’t find the excursion that’s right for you?

Take a look at our portfolio of excursions, activities, and day trips, sorted by destination. Otherwise, let us know about the kind of activities you are interested. We will be more than happy to show you more options or strive to build a bespoke excursion that matches your preferences.

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Gifts, Dinner Reservations, and Surprise presents to celebrate special occasions

Surprise your loved ones.

We can arrange a number of special gifts if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any notable occasion, which can also be arranged as a surprise if required. Please do contact us with any requests that you may have.

Gifts, Dinner Reservations, and Surprise presents to celebrate special occasions

Important Advise on Booking Excursions.

With private enterprise growing in Cuba, take care when booking locally as you may unwittingly book unlicensed, or poor quality excursions. We can pre-book from the UK our own bespoke tours especially for our clients, and these are not available to purchase locally in Cuba.