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LGBTQI+ Travel

Whilst same sex travel is no different, we understand that there are a few additional considerations when arranging an LGBTQI+ holiday in Cuba, and our experienced specialists are on hand to work with you to fine tune your travel plans.

Cuba welcomes visitors regardless of orientation and despite some public perception, offers LGBTQI+ travellers a hugely positive, warm and friendly travel experience, not to mention incredible beaches, historic cities and beautiful countryside.

For those clients interested in Cuba’s LGBTQI+ scene, we can arrange meetings with key members of the community where you can learn how the LGBTQI+ community is at the forefront of many rapidly changing developments in Cuba.

Many visitors don’t know that the daughter of Raul Castro, Cuba’s former president is Mariela Castro-Espin, who has been an activist for Cuba’s LGBTQI+ community for many years. The organisation campaigns for LGBTQI+ rights and is active throughout the island. Mariela’s involvement with the organisation creates much interest from around the world.

In Havana and further afield there is a thriving LGBTQI+ social scene with an ever-increasing number of recognised bars, cafes, restaurants and late-night music venues popular with the LGBTQI+ community.

Whether you want to book a relaxing honeymoon, a vibrant city break, or an exciting and memorable self-drive holiday, we have it covered.